Product Name:
Year of the Rat - Red Packet 2020

Applicant Company:
ReALLY Design Limited


Product Group:
Corporate Promotional Gifts

Designer: Yim Pui TAM, Ka Yu HONG, Ki Ki CHENG, Vincent MOK


More Detail

Wrapping lucky money to wish the receivers with more happiness and blessings ahead and as a means to encourage more friends/family gathering.

Design Concept:
Rat symbolizes wealth and surplus in Chinese culture. To celebrate the year of Rat, we incorporated different forms of rats on the red packet design. Wishing every individuals lucks, blessings and a harvest year.

1) To highlight the Rat's acute sense of smell and multifunctional long tai, the gold foil printing effect has been adopted.
2) Responds to the myth that rats particularly like cheese. A group of rats is enjoying and hiding behind the yummy cheese and a cheesy-liked texture paper "Polytrade Bubble Egg Yolk" is used.

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