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Applicant Company:
ASA Innovation and Technology Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Living & Home Decor

Designer: Chun Kit HUEN 禤俊傑, Mui KINOSHITA 梅傲雪, Dan TOMIMATSU

Judge Award
Tech Award

More Detail

Airluna is the world's first air purifying lamp.
- using patented PACO technology to break down pollutants
- independent control of air purifier and lighting function

Breakthrough in design:
1. Think out of the box

Unlike traditional air purifier, which is a bulky box causes the waste of space and does not match with interior design. Airluna can be seamlessly integrated into different space that adds liveliness to the interior.

2. Crafting a bespoke artpiece
The button-free design gives a clean and sleek look just like a designer lamp, making Airluna utterly different from any traditional ”electronic” device.

Patented technology:

1. Airluna uses Plasma Assisted Catalytic Oxidation (PACO) to decompose air pollutants. Unlike traditional purifiers, Airluna breaks down pollutants on a molecular level and converts harmful by-products such as VOC and ozone into water and harmless elements. The PACO filter can live more than 10 years and does not require replacement. While decomposing all the microscopic pollutants, PACO consumes all the ozone within the air and breaks down into harmless elements. It eliminates 99.999% PM 2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, bacteria, virus, mold, odor, and benzene in the air and does not produce any harmful by-products.

2. Airluna has an invention patent magnetic structure design, making it easy to change filter in one hand and helps cooling the electronics that can prolong its product lifetime.

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