Product Name:
Yoggi Ball

Applicant Company:
Wise Box Alliance Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Wellness & Personal Care

Designer: Yamaha TSUNG


Yoggi Ball is a versatile, convenient and compact massage system that uses body pressure, vibration and heat to relieve tension, stress, and anxiety.

- equipped with a dual point roller, which incorporates three-speed vibration and built-in heating function.
- features revolutionary all-in-one Modular Quick-Lock System for quickly and easily remove and install the massage ball.
- equipped with an acupoint handle, which can be mounted on the massage ball. With the force of vibration, it is used for meridian and acupoint massage for blood circulation.
- Medical Grade Silicone Rubber with textured rubber exterior targets heat and vibration for more localized therapy.


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