Product Name:
Tomorrow Myth

Applicant Company:
LLAB Design Ltd


Product Group:
Personal Accessories

Designer: Tryde LEUNG, Yan CHEUNG, Mike WONG 黃嘉慧


More Detail

Fashion accessories gift that benefits endangered animals adoption program

Nowadays there are many endangered animals, which need our helps in order to maintain their existence in this world. If we do not pay attention on these rare animals now, they will probably extinct from the world soon, and our next generation can only know these animals from books or videos, these animals will become a myth to them (just like dinosaurs).

Under this concept, we have picked 6 endangered animals that are relatively rare to public. We turn these endangered animals into a myth creature, with a mythical illustration style, to remind everyone that these animals can be extinct from the world anytime. These myth creatures will be in a pin format, which can be a fashion accessories for daily matching and also an ideal gift to friends.

For every selling of a set of pins (a set of 6 pins), we will donate $50 to animal adoption program for helping the endangered animals, which makes the purchase even more meaningful.

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