Product Name:
Meet The Murray

Applicant Company:
Invisibilis Movere Limited


Product Group:
Personal Accessories

Designer: Odelia WONG 黃政恩


Fashion used to being labelled as non-essential or consumable products , Colour-Overlay the murray in scarves design influenced by the urban culture of Hong Kong, aims to promote the Hong Kong Culture to the global audiences. Produced by eco-friendly printing solution, 100% silk, also it is a bio-degradable product. Also, it is not just a piece of cloth or a scarf, It can be using as a traditional Japanese furoshiki or Korean bojagi Gift-wraps.

The collection originates from changing the tone curves techniques, inspired by adding colorimetry in the iconic and the historical architecture, starts with the fundamental concept of chromaticity. The collection is influenced by the urban culture, capturing the city view of Hong Kong, translating Odelia's photographs into prints design, developed by remodelling the artifice of techniques, presents the relations between time, space and culture. Reinventing the concept of the wearable works of art, following Odelia's uncompromising modernity.


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