Xwin Xwin

Product Name:

Applicant Company:
Ka Hung CHAN


Product Group:

- Merit
- Finalist

-AUDIO Qi is a Fordable speaker combined with a large battery and a Qi wireless charger.

-This makes it a highly portable device that can works as a phone stand, speaker and power bank.

-AUDIO Qi have a fordable design enable the speaker to be highly portable while also giving it the ability to work as a phone stand.

-The added surround sound from the speaker and additional battery life make it a great setup for media consumption.

-Besides wireless charging, the power bank also supports wired charging,
that way it can still provide extra battery life for smart devices when being carried in a bag.

-The empty spaces in AUDIO Qi while it have been folded out can work as a Speaker Enclosure chamber, boosting its low frequency sound performance and gives it a richer sound.