Product Name:
Smart Braille Labeler

Applicant Company:
Tsz Hang HEUNG, Ka Hung CHAN


Product Group:


More Detail

A Smart Braille labeler which the visually impaired to label items around them, or let the sighted help them do so.
The Smart Braille labeler is also able to achieve all language inclusivity via its employment of smartphone application integration and its all language-compatible Braille input method. User can make labels with Braille text immediately.

Utilizing microcontroller and tiny braille printer , our devices can print out braille label in near real time. with connectivity to smartphone , our application can take advantage of cloud native speech - to - text API , to convert speech to braille with ease.
Mechanical input method are often found in other traditional braille typing machine , keeping this design will help the user to be familiar with our product.
Moreover , braille isn’t universal , our 7- key mechanical braille keyboard are designed to allow people from around the world to input using different language of braille .

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