Product Name:
Heat-conductive FaceMask

Applicant Company:
Fung Fat Knitting Mfy Ltd

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Wellness & Personal Care

Designer: Stanley KWOK, Stephen NG, Regina KWOK

Green Award

FaceMask with a layer of unique heat conductive knits to warm the breatheway in extreme cold environment.

Facemask is designed with 3 key features
1. Technology: Heat conductive knits embedded at inner layer can warm the breatheway in extreme cold environment.

2. User-friendly design: Velcro opening allows users to insert a filter between the layers and to use as a filtering face mask for better health protection

3. Natural quality materials without adding chemical in the manufacturing process:
a. hypo-allogenic Inner layer - The conductive yarn coated with pure silver offers antibacterial function and it is made thermal conductive with the use of our patented technology. Three-dimensional seamless knit diminishes the seam irritation on the face. With the new fibre technology of adding ocean collagen during polymerization, the ultra-soft face mask is great for sensitive skin and ideal to wear for long hours.

b. Water-resistant outer layer- 100% natural, chemical-free Merino wool fabric. Tiny stopper on an elastic band helps in offering a better fit for different face shapes. 3D Pyramid seamless silver tech pouch ensures the mask stays in shape and gives anti-bacterial growth function.


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