Product Name:
Integrated Living Platform

Applicant Company:
Man Yee CHONG and Team


Product Group:


More Detail

Team project by
CHONG Man-Yee (chongmanyeemelody@gmail.com),
WONG Ho-Ting (danwong1024@yahoo.com.hk) &
WONG Chi-Yin (wzenas99@gmail.com)

Integrated Living Platform, a compact, upgradable, and modular living platform design for Subdivided Units in Hong Kong.

The Integrated Living Platform is targeted in subdivided flats in Hong Kong, all-in-one integrated, as to avoid stand-alone furniture and save room.
It includes a height-adjustable table, a transformable sofa, a wardrobe, a customized storage area, a standard size single bed, and a double bed.
All three joints applied metal folding technology, make them low-cost and durable.
The joints are easy to assemble and reassemble, allow users to customize and construct in different living environments.
The universal joint is applicable to different structures, which enables constructing the entire Integrated Living Platform by itself.

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