Product Name:
UKG Smart WiFi USB Power Strip 3AC+6USB

Applicant Company:
UKG Pro Solution Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Living & Home Decor

Designer: Alan CHAN 陳國良博士


More Detail

- Remotely control the power strip sockets and USB port
- Setting the schedule and countdown timer
- Turn regular home appliances into smart devices easily
- Support Alexa and Google Home for voice control

- Smart Strip is made to control electrical appliance trough smartphone and internet.
- Remote control and monitor your home electrical devices.
- Set schedule and count down by mobile App.
- Each Socket can be controlled by mobile App.
- Wi-Fi Wireless connect to the cloud.
- Input voltage: AC 90 V--240 V
- output 6-ports USB charging your smart devices.

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