Product Name:
Solos® Smart Glasses - AirGoTM

Applicant Company:
Solos Technology Limited


Product Group:
Personal Accessories

Designer: Lawrence LAW 羅國華, Sam YU 余智深, Sam SO 蘇超明, Kenny CHEUNG 張惠權


More Detail

Today, Solos® is dedicated to change smart eyewear to everyone, providing comfy and smart experience for the mass.

- Whisper® Audio Technology for superior Phone conversation and Speech recognition compatible with iOS and Android platforms.
- 9-axis motion sensing tracking your movement for Posture reminder, Gesture control, Location.
- Directional stereo speakers are designed for high quality audio playback experience.
- Open-ear design lets you alert the surroundings to avoid accidents.
- Solos AirGo™ Mobile App supports both Android and iOS with AI Coach, AI Care features for keeping your wellbeing.
- Modular Lego®-Style detachable temples for different Frames compatibility to fit individual needs.

Our product designers are a group of top engineers and eyewear architects. Solos® is expertise in innovating eyewear with over 30 patents and dedicated to designing smart glasses to everyone, providing comfy experience with the patented Whisper™ Audio Technology for superb noise cancellation and audio quality.
AirGo™ is ergonomically designed, lightweight and flexible, it allows to change frames from a versatile selection. Our designers believe everyone, no matter who you are, deserves a smart living with technology and let the smart glasses be your perfect all-day-long companion.
AirGo™ is a smart glasses with fitness and audio functions, but also a novelty for fashionistas who embrace changing. With a pair of detachable smart temples, it allows you to switch your own frames among different shapes, sizes, colors, materials to express your own fashion style.

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