Product Name:
MPlus: Headphone with HDNC™ & BT Intercom For Bikers

Applicant Company:
Audikom Technik Limited


Product Group:
Kick-start Project

Designer: Man Tat CHOW 周文達, Markus PUSCHEL


More Detail

Hybrid Dynamic Noise Cancellation (HDNC)
Ergonomic Ear Gel fit with all helmets
Full-duplex Bluetooth Intercom over 150m
Twist Control System

- HDNC was designed for reducing noise during rider to protect users' hearing and make the user more focus in riding
- Ergonomic Ear Gel (EcoFit) design provides a comfort waring even when the helmet is on
- Bluetooth Intercom gives a clear communication with a riding partner
- Twist Control System lets the user control the product without looking down

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