Product Name:
Infinite Wrap™

Applicant Company:
Antalis (Hong Kong) Limited


Product Group:
Occasional & Festival

Designer: Ken LO 羅曉騰


More Detail

Infinite Wrap™ is a brilliant concept that disrupts the traditional gift-wrapping behaviors, and makes it more fun and enjoyable. Unleash your creativity by playing around with the foldable & tearable wrapping paper!

- Multi-functional
With its colourful, vibrant and contemporary design, it is not only a gift wrapping paper but also for making origami and framing it as a poster to brighten your life.
- Foldable and tearable
Infinite Wrap™ is easy to tear, fold and organize. Finishing with perforations that guide the users to fold and tear the wrapping paper into a smaller piece or required size without using scissors. It brings user-friendliness on wrapping gift and storage.
- Recyclable
Infinite Wrap™ is printed on environmental-friendly paper and can be recycled.

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