Product Name:
Heari Hearing Aid

Applicant Company:
MF Jebsen Electronics Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Wellness & Personal Care

Designer: Angus FUNG 馮炳林

Judge Award

More Detail

Stereo hearing aid in trendy neckband formfactor
Greatly reduce whistling sounds of common hearing aids
No labeling effect as a deaf
Clear and comfortable
Low cost but with high end bluetooth functions

Common hearing aids are small to avoid labeling effect and be comfortable in wearing.
Whisting sounds are common as the distance between the mic and earpieces is too short.
Heari adopts neckband design which separate the mic and earpieces in much longer distance
To eliminate the whistling sound and yet comfortable to wear (2g on each ear only)
Best digital hearing compensation algorithm provides clear and quiet sounds
High end bluetooth functions like listing to music, TV and phone calls
Stereo hearing aids which allow user to listen clearer with lower volume
DIY hearing test by Heari APP and update hearing profile to avoid additional cost and travel time to hearing centre

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