Xwin Xwin

Product Name:

Applicant Company:
Man Yee CHONG and Team


Product Group:

- Bronze
- Finalist

Team project by
CHONG Man-Yee (chongmanyeemelody@gmail.com),
AN Bangning (Anbangning01@gmail.com),
CHEN Qixuan (markjrchen@outlook.com),
ZHAN Wen (zhanwendesign@gmail.com),
CHEN Xiaoyang (charliexiaoyang.chen@gmail.com) &
Swasti SETHI (swastisethi@gmail.com)

Inclusive bus pole design concept for bus stops with multiple poles in Hong Kong.

1. Three specially designed direction tactile to lead the visually impaired person (VIP) to the pole.
2. Poking by white cane to trigger bus number broadcasting. No disturbance and obstruction to other passengers.
3. A refreshable info panel for VIP to touch and other passengers to see.
4. A broadcasting system to notify all passengers of the arrival of a bus.