Product Name:
Stainless Steel Trays ; COEXISTENCE

Applicant Company:
Derangedsign Co. Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Dining & Party

Designer: Irene YEUNG


COEXISTENCE trays undulating landscapes are inspired by the theory of "Fictitious & Realistic Coexistence" and "The Sky and Earth Coexist" in Chinese philosophy.The most striking characteristic is its curved shape, as it imitates a natural landscape with mountains and valleys. And as such, it is no coincidence that both COEXISTENCE trays have these patterns skillfully included in their look, and represent a beautiful reminiscence to the nature masterpiece. Like mountains & lakes, they are perfectly coordinated, and both highly polished trays made of stainless steel 18/10 . Even in an individual performance, they are most convincing with a conspicuously elegant curve that recreates the beauty of landscape. They can be set upside-down to each other in different variations, and become one large tray.
The COEXISTENCE collection offers a range of presentation pieces for your home. Designed to be both aesthetically unique and highly functional. Ideal for serving fruits, candy, nuts & jewelry, etc.

COEXISTENCE 「共生」 盤子的設計靈感是來自中國哲學中的「虛實相生」及「天地相合」理論。
最顯著的特點是它展現了自然景觀的彎曲面, 如山湖起伏形態。這兩款 COEXISTENCE 盤子巧妙地將「山光水色」意念融入其中,並代表了對大自然傑作的美好回憶。 如天地、 像山水,兩個盤子完美的相合,並且都是由不銹鋼 18/10 製成的高度拋光的托盤, 展現出碧水微瀾之景。盤子可單獨使用, 也可以兩個組合, 相互倒置並成為一個大托盤。
COEXISTENCE 系列為您的家居提供藝術系列展示作品。 設計既美觀又實用。非常適合盛載水果、糖果、堅果和珠寶等。


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